CanYouFreezeThis.com is an unbiased knowledge center about freezing all kinds of foods. Our only goal is to help you freeze whatever product you need to freeze (or tell you that freezing it is a bad idea).

Most households have a freezer, and you most likely buy frozen foods (i.e., veggies, or microwave-ready dishes) or freeze some yourself. CanYouFreezeThis.com is here to help you get even more out of that appliance, and save food from going bad at the same time.

Who Is Writing All Those Articles?

My name is Marcin, and I’m the managing editor of this website. All articles written by me have the author byline at the end saying it’s my work. The rest of the articles are submitted by various contributors over the years.

Currently I’m in the process of updating old articles so they are more helpful and easier to digest and put into action by readers.

Frozen veggies on a cookie sheet
Frozen veggies on a cookie sheet

What Are Your Credentials?

I don’t think you need to have a PhD in nutrition or be a chef to give advice about freezing food. All you need is experience in working with various food products, and that’s what I offer. You don’t need to be a chef to grab a couple of ingredients and whip up a salad, or cook a delicious dinner. Same thing for freezing food. That said, use all the advice you can find here at your discretion.