Can You Freeze Heavy Cream?

We’ve discussed how to freeze double cream but what about heavy cream? Can you freeze heavy cream? Heavy cream is a dairy product often used to make pastries and desserts. With just a whisk, this thick cream transforms into whipped cream! Heavy cream has a mild creamy taste and a luxurious texture that makes anything it touches a little bit better! And if you’ve got heaps of heavy cream, that’s not a bad thing at all!

Yes, you can freeze heavy cream! Heavy cream is a delicate product and though you can freeze it for future uses, it won’t transform into fluffy whipped cream once it’s been thawed. But don’t let that stop you from freezing leftover heavy cream. You can still use defrosted heavy cream for a variety of treats. You can use it as topping or ingredient for cakes, sauces, hot drinks, desserts, and so much more.

Fruit topped with whipped cream
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But what about heavy cream that’s already been fluffed into whipped cream, can you freeze it? Yes, you can also freeze whipped cream as is but there is a right way to do it. When kept in the fridge at below 40°Farenheit, heavy cream should last for 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, freezing heavy cream will extend its shelf life to 3 to 4 months! If you’d like to know how can you freeze heavy cream, continue reading below:

How to Freeze Heavy Cream?

In its natural, un-whipped state, heavy cream is a thick, liquid cream so it’s easy to store in the freezer. We do recommend freezing the cream in single-serving portions so you don’t have to take the whole container out of the freezer to defrost each time you need it.

To freeze heavy cream, use rigid plastic containers or a couple of silicon molds. If you’re using a plastic container, just pour the cream into it and then close the container. Leave about an inch or two of space to give the cream extra room to expand. Choose a container with a snapping or a locking lid so the cream won’t leak during freezing. Get a marker and label the container with the storage date then stick in the freezer.

If you’re using silicone molds, pour the cream into each mold, cover the top with tinfoil and then stick in the freezer. Make sure to place the mold on a level surface so the cream won’t pour out. Once the cream has been frozen solid for two to four hours, take out each mold, pop the single serving frozen heavy cream and place them all in a resealable freezer-safe plastic bag. Get a marker, label each bag with the storage date and stick them right back in the freezer. Each time you need a serving of cream, just get a single portion from the freezer.

For leftover heavy cream that’s been whipped already, just stick the cream in the freezer after transferring in an airtight container. The cream will freeze into a semi-solid state.

Whipped cream based dessert
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How to Defrost Frozen Heavy Cream?

Defrosting frozen heavy cream couldn’t be any easier. Just take the cream out of the freezer and then transfer it to the fridge. Leave to thaw overnight. After thawing, the cream will take on a runnier consistency and there will be separation. This is normal. Just give the cream a good stir to incorporate the ingredients again and it’s ready to use.

For frozen heavy that’s been whipped prior to storage, do not leave the cream to thaw completely or it will melt. When at its semi-frozen state, just wait for 10 to 15 minutes then add the whipped heavy cream on desserts or pies.


Heavy cream is a versatile ingredient, one that you can use for baking and cooking. There’s no such thing as having too much heavy cream. Now that you know how can you freeze heavy cream, you can store this dairy product without worrying about spoilage or unnecessary waste.