Can You Freeze Sour Cream?

Can you freeze sour cream? Just like any dairy product, sour cream does not keep well even if it’s stored in the fridge. If you have excess sour cream and you’d like to keep it for longer, you’d have to freeze it to make it last for months.

Yes, you can freeze sour cream but do not expect the texture to remain the same. Because the ingredients tend to break down during freezing, frozen sour cream will turn chunky once it’s defrosted. Thankfully, we know a tip that could help restore sour cream’s original texture. When frozen properly, sour cream can keep for up to six months.

Sour cream and red potatoes
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How to Freeze Sour Cream

The best way to freeze sour cream is to store it in an airtight container. Start by whipping the sour cream using a whisk or a spatula. You want to make sure that the ingredients are mixed together evenly with the moisture. This way sour cream won’t turn watery or chunky once it’s thawed.

Once you’re done whipping the sour cream, it’s time to transfer it to a freezer-safe, airtight container. You can also use a plastic zip lock bag to store the cream. Just spoon the sour cream directly into the container. If you’re using a rigid plastic container, leave an inch of space for the sour cream to expand as it freezes. On the other hand, if you’re using Ziploc plastic bags, squeeze as much air as you could before sealing the bag.

After transferring the sour cream, get a marker and write the date of freezing on the container. Place the sour cream in the freezer and you are done!

Sour cream topping
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How to Defrost Frozen Sour Cream?

The best way to defrost frozen sour cream is to transfer the container in the fridge to thaw for a few hours. If the sour cream has taken on a chunky or watery texture, you can restore its original texture by whipping a teaspoon of cornstarch into the cream.

Freezing Sour Cream FAQ

Can you freeze sour cream dips and sauces?

While freezing sour cream based sauces and dips is perfectly fine in terms of safety, the quality of defrosted dip or sauce depends heavily on the ingredients. As you already know, sour cream separates after freezing and thawing, and a similar thing will happen if you freeze it in a dressing. Plus there are other ingredients in that dressing that might freeze not that well too.

The best way to answer that question is to freeze a small amount of the sauce you bought (or prepared) and see how it looks and tastes after defrosting. To make the texture a bit better after defrosting give it a good stir and maybe add a spoonful of fresh sour cream or mayo. Again, you need to test it out yourself to learn if your favorite sour cream dip or sauce turns out okay after defrosting.

Can you freeze sour cream pastry?

Yes. If you would like to prepare some sour cream pastry ahead of time or make a big bunch and save some for later, that’s totally doable. The way to go here is to freeze the prepared dough before baking. Wrap it tightly with a plastic wrap and then either wrap again with aluminum foil or transfer into a freezer bag. Once it’s ready, put it into the freezer. For best quality, use it within a few weeks. If you’re looking for a recipe for sour cream pie crust, check out this one.


Regardless if the thawed sour cream has turned watery or chunky, it is still safe to use. Use it in all sorts of dishes, particularly baked potatoes, tacos, soups, and casseroles. Now that you know how to freeze sour cream properly, you can stock up on this perishable and never run out!