Can You Freeze Rice Krispie Treats?

Rice krispie treats are soft, chewy and gooey candy treats that children love. Generally, these sweet treats are made with three ingredients: butter, rice cereal, and marshmallows. However, you can always jazz up the treats with other extras such as chocolate chip cookies, crushed candies, and colorful candy sprinkles! Can you freeze rice krispie treats? You might think rice krispie treats are tricky to freeze since they are made with melted marshmallows but you’d be surprised, they freeze wonderfully. This goes for homemade and store-bought rice krispie treats.

Image used under Creative Commons from Eli Christman

Since rice krispie treats freeze so well, you can make a huge batch and serve them for later. If you are making the treats at home, we highly recommend using the best ingredients you can find. The quality of the ingredients will affect the shelf life of the rice krispie treats once they have been frozen and defrosted. Low-quality rice cereal has the tendency to turn soggy or grainy, something to think about when making these treats in advance for a special occasion.

How to Make Rice Krispie Treats?

For 3-ingredient rice krispie treats, try this basic recipe.

How to Freeze Rice Krispie Treats?

Freezing Homemade Rice Krispie Treats

Freezing homemade rice krispie treats couldn’t be simpler. Just leave the rice krispie sheet to cool completely prior to freezing. Once the rice krispie sheet has cooled completely, cut the sheet into bars using a sharp knife or a pizza cutter. Wrap each bar in cling wrap, making sure there are no exposed parts for moisture to seep in. After covering the rice krispie bars fully, place them in a freezer-safe resealable plastic bag. Squeeze out as much air as you can then seal. Write the storage date then store flat in the freezer.

A variation of this technique involves flash-freezing the rice krispie treats prior to long-term freezing. After the homemade rice krispie sheet has cooled completely, you can wrap the entire thing in wax paper or cut them into equal sizes first then covering them with wax paper. Stick in the freezer and leave the rice krispie sheet to freeze solid for 1 to 2 hours.

Once the rice krispie sheet is frozen, cover the treats in cling wrap. After wrapping the rice krispie treats in cling wrap, place them in a freezer-safe container then seal. Write the storage date then stick in the freezer.

Freezing Store-bought Rice Krispie Treats

If you got lots of leftover rice krispie treats, you can either stick them in the freezer in their original packaging or pack each treat individually prior to freezing. If the treats need to be repacked, just peel off the original packaging and wrap each one in cling wrap. After wrapping the rice krispie treats fully, place them in a freezer-safe resealable plastic bag. Squeeze out as much air as you can then seal. Write the storage date then store flat in the freezer.

Image used under Creative Commons from Cathy Danh

Shelf Life, Thawing, and Reheating Suggestions

When kept in the freezer, rice krispie treats will keep for up to six months. But try to consume your supply within a month or less because the rice cereals tend to take on a weird consistency if kept in storage for too long. To defrost the rice krispie treats, just take them out of the freezer and leave them to thaw on the kitchen counter for an hour. After thawing, the rice krispie treats are ready to eat, no reheating necessary. If you want to soften the krispie treats a bit, warm it in the microwave.


Do you love rice krispie treats? Everyone does! Can you freeze rice krispie treats? As you can see, freezing these sweet treats is as easy as can be! Just prep the treats properly and you can serve them whenever the craving for it strikes!