Can You Freeze Oysters?

Can you freeze oysters? Does it work and if so, what’s the correct method? If those are the questions that bother you, read on. You may know of oysters being an aphrodisiac and one of the healthiest sources of protein to eat consisting of essential nutrients of vitamins A and B12, zinc, iron, calcium, and …

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Can You Freeze Tuna?

Tuna is one of the most popular deep-sea fish because it’s tasty, meaty, and packed with omega-3 fatty acid. Commercially, tuna is available fresh or canned. Due to the delicate nature of fresh tuna, storing it will require certain steps. But can you freeze tuna? Yes, tuna can be frozen, fresh or cooked. Whole fresh …

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Can You Freeze Mussels?

Mussels are perhaps one of the most popular types of seafood you can find in any supermarket. Apart from being widely available, mussels are a popular appetizer or entrée. They just make any meal look tastier, more special! Just like most kinds of shellfish, mussels are best eaten immediately. But can you freeze mussels? In …

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